5 things to look for in power backup system

Here are 5 things you must look for in off the shelf power backup solutions:

1. If it looks home-made, it probably is. The problem with any home-made product is that you get no guarantee, no long term support, no quality connections and no real thought about the components such as cables that work efficiently and use less electricity.

2. Many Inverters on the Market do not perform as well as the manufacturers claim. Make sure the stated Watt capability is true and correct.

Read the small print to make sure the Inverter actually delivers the correct WATTS for what you require. Mention of advanced filtering is a good sign.

3. Only a proper Deep Cycle battery should be used. It has been designed to charge and drain a load over and over. Car batteries are designed for staring (a quick load) they are not designed for been totally drained of power and then charged up again. The incorrect battery will fail, 100% guaranteed.

4. Make sure that the watts are correct for your application. Always take a little bigger than what is actually required. Buy a bigger unit e.g.if you need 1000 Watts then buy an inverter than can deliver 1200 Watts at least. An absolute must is SURGE Watts, on almost every application when you switch on there is a higher surge of power that the Inverter must cope with.

5. The Cables running from the battery to the Inverter must be of a very good quality – the thicker the better. This is very important as a lot of power is used and a lesser quality cable will get hot and can be unsafe. The connectors, joining the cable to the battery must be strong and sound. The contact must be good.

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