About Inverters

When power is restored after an outage, do the chargers automatically revert to the charge-mode?


Do your UPS/Inverter system have a RS-232 or USB interface?

No, our Inverter is a standby inverter, it also supplies Uninterrupted Power but not in the same way as a normal UPS. The power is in standby mode and will only kick in when the mains fail. The advantage of our system is that you do not need to manage the power as it manages […]

What is the difference between a UPS/Standby Inverter and a Standard Inverter

You have the option of a UPS/Standby Inverter or a standard Inverter. Once turned on both work the same. UPS/Standby Inverter – this can be connected in-line, meaning that it can be connected in such a way that when the power fails the UPS/Standby Inverter automatically kicks in without any interruption.The unit also has a […]