5 things to look for in power backup system

Here are 5 things you must look for in off the shelf power backup solutions: 1. If it looks home-made, it probably is. The problem with any home-made product is that you get no guarantee, no long term support, no quality connections and no real thought about the components such as cables that work efficiently […]

Understanding Backup Power Suppply

Do you know what is important when you’re building or buying a power backup solution for your home or your business? Learn what the backup power supply options are, what the systems consist of, what equipment to buy when your building your own and what questions to ask when your buying an off the shelf […]

Keep the money rolling in through powercuts

Keep your tills running trough power cuts. It is a nightmare to bring all your systems back in sync after loadshedding. A reliable backup power system can save you money by keeping all your point of sale scanner and tills running throughout a power failure. So lets use as an example – 2 x cash […]