Do your UPS/Inverter system have a RS-232 or USB interface?

No, our Inverter is a standby inverter, it also supplies Uninterrupted Power but not in the same way as a normal UPS. The power is in standby mode and will only kick in when the mains fail.

The advantage of our system is that you do not need to manage the power as it manages itself and does not waste electricity. The system can also use bigger batteries, is much more maintenance free, and the battery lasts a lot longer than with the traditional UPS systems.

2 Responses to “Do your UPS/Inverter system have a RS-232 or USB interface?”

  1. wimpie says:

    Is it possible to use this system on a camper/caravan?

    Having a dual batt for the caravan fridge, can this be used to run the fridge during travelling and as soon as you restore the power at a camp, automatically use eskom power and simultaneously charge the batt again?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, the UPS Inverter will do this, but as you do not require a seamless switchover during power failures I would rather recommend a standard inverter with the Optimate 4 battery charger. The Optimate’s charging capabilities are just in a different league than the Inverters built in charger.

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