Keep the money rolling in through powercuts

Keep your tills running trough power cuts. It is a nightmare to bring all your systems back in sync after loadshedding. A reliable backup power system can save you money by keeping all your point of sale scanner and tills running throughout a power failure.

So lets use as an example – 2 x cash tills and 2 x scanners or 4 x tills – same thing. This would mean 4 x 45 watts = 180 watts in total.

The formula is:

This means W= Vx I etc etc. So we have 180 divided by 12V (battery) = 15 amps (current) – now we say how long do we need it to run for – 15 amps x 4hours = 60ah (amp hours). This means we need a 60 ah battery to run 4 tills (using 180watts) for 4 hours.

4 cash tills to run for 6 hours = 180 watts divided by 12V = 15 amps.
15 amps x 6 hours = 90ah.

So here we need a 90ah battery to run 4 tills for 6 hours.

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