Battery Chargers

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Our battery chargers come from a company that are market leaders in Europe and have offices in Canada and here in South Africa. Their products are sold in over 50 countries and have active distributors in 36 countries. They have been developing and manufacturing specialised battery chargers for more than 16 years. Some of the products in their range have been independently recognised as the best and most successful in their market.

Which charger should I buy?


FIRST AID FOR BATTERIES! The 6 stage program with desulfation mode SAVES NEGLECTED BATTERIES and then maintains them perfectly when stored. The Optimate 3+ is the only charger that has been proven to save ‘dead’ batteries. WORLD-WIDE ENDORSEMENT by Honda (sold as HONDA PRO), Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph & KTM. #1 selling power sport charger in the world.


The new reference for total battery peace of mind. Truly unique diagnostic battery optimiser for 12V lead-acid batteries up to 50Ah, whether sealed maintenance-free, gel, or “flooded” type with filler caps.

Available in most countries with 220-240V supply, and from November 2008 also in Japan : click on “Where to Buy” (at left) for the contact details of your national importer.

ACCUMATE 6v /12v

4 stage 1.2 Amp power charger & long term storage maintainer for all 6V & 12V standard wet cell, AGM & GEL lead acid batteries. RECOMMENDED – MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS (1st out of 12); BEST BUY – RIDE magazine (UK) (1st of 13); APPROVED – AccuMate charging algorithm by EAST-PENN Battery Company – manufacturers of HARLEY-DAVIDSON batteries


12V 6 Amp 4-stage power charger & maintainer for wet cell, AGM, GEL starter batteries used in cars, boats, trucks & deep cycle / stand by applications. SAFETY FEATURES incl: No power at clamps until battery is hooked up; fuse-less reverse polarity protection. AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE REGULATION makes it PERFECT for long term storage charging of large batteries. With clips & battery snapcord.
Hendrik Minnie

Accumate Pro

Benefits and Features:

  • Suitable for all filler cap, sealed MF AGM, GEL & deep cycle batteries 10Ah up
  • For boost charging of metric cruiser & Harley OE batteries
  • Temp compensating, 4-step charging
  • Battery interactive storage prevents discharge by alarms & on board electronics; battery always 100% ready supplied with battery clips & weatherproof snapcord
  • Certified to UL & CSA standards

Optimate 3+


Benefits and Features:

  • Diagnoses, desulfates, charges, checks & maintains your battery for months
  • SAVES batteries other tenders can’t
  • For wet cell, AGM & GEL batteries
  • Simple as 1-2-3, connect to your battery and the 6-stage program does the rest automatically!
  • Certified to UL & CSA standards
  • Supplied with battery clips & weatherproof snapcord & SAE adapter for E-Z hookup to other tender connectors


The stylish, sealed, weatherproof OptiMate 4 & its stunning new LED control panel are just the introduction to “The New Reference”.

Like all OptiMate models before it, the micro-processor controlled OptiMate 4 can save neglected batteries. The OptiMate 4 is even more effective, with a new dual-stage RECOVERY + TURBO RECOVERY action. For modestly neglected deep-discharged batteries the RECOVERY mode engages automatically, while the TURBO RECOVERY mode engages for more severely neglected batteries

Like all other OptiMates, the OptiMate 4 then charges the battery, verifies that the battery is as fully charged as its basic state of health allows, and then checks for & detects dead battery cells. But OptiMate 4 adds the following new features :-

  • Maximum output current increased to 0,8A without increasing energy consumption
  • 48 hour time limit on stages up to the first of the cyclic tests for battery drain to avoid wasting time and energy on batteries with a shorted-out cell
  • 19 possible LED indications displayed on 10 LEDs on the stunning new control panel
  • 5 possible results of the cyclic hourly tests for power drain /retention are displayed on a combination of green, yellow & red TEST LEDs
  • IP64 weatherproof sealed housing with built-in mounting lugs (replaceable if damaged for example by over-tightening a fixing screw)
  • new cable bushings avoid insulation stress in ultra-cold temperatures
  • new “glide-guide” connector pin inserts avoid “sticky” connections.



Benefits and Features:

  • 1.2 Amp charge current, 4-stage program
  • For wet cell, AGM & GEL starter & deep cycle batteries from 4 – 75Ah
  • Simple to use, make a voltage selection (6 or 12V), connect & the 4- step program automatically completes the charge
  • Battery interactive storage prevents discharge by alarm or on board electronics; battery always 100% ready
  • Supplied with battery clips & weatherproof snapcord
  • Certified to UL & CSA standards