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Samlex has been manufacturing Inverters for more than 20 years. With many Senior Engineers leading the R & D division, Samlex are a leader in their field and have come up with the unique and innovative design of “low interference technology”.

Samlex is a market leader and is represented in Europe and America by Samlex Europe and Samlex USA.

This technology has put their product on the map and is today recognised and accepted world wide as a very high-quality power inverter.

We guarantee this product and have local service centers for repairs and back up.

All products include the following:

  • Best for running in a car or for electrical implements at home, such as electric drill, electric water pumps, engineering equipment, rice cookers, TV sets, electric refrigerators, lighting etc.
  • Powerful use. Universal plugs output, sharing alloy shells.
  • Light weight and pocket size
  • Low-interference technology to prevent television, display and audio interference, and give full play to the energy battery
  • Thermal protection: The unit shut down when it overheats
  • Leakage Protection: the unit automatically stops AC output when a leak is detected
  • Battery low alert
  • Battery low protection: The unit shuts down when battery get down to 10V to prevent damage to battery.
  • Short circuit protection: The unit shuts down when output short circuits


Inverter 800w


  • Maximum 800W continuous output and 1600W surge power.
  • Dimensions (mm) : 195×155×55


Inverter 1000W


  • Maximum 1000W continuous output and 2200W surge power.
  • Dimensions (mm) : 205×155×55


Inverter 1500W


  • Maximum 1500W continuous outputs ,and 3000W surge power.
  • Dimensions (mm) : 225×205×80]