UPS Inverter/Charger

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Keep your computer powered up and operational during power cuts or load shedding.

A UPS can be connected in-line, meaning that it can be connected in such a way that when the power fails the UPS Inverter automatically kicks in without any interruption.

Auto 3-stage Battery Charging:

Stage 1 is called Bulk Charge. When a battery is flat it will take a charge very quickly. The charger senses the battery voltage and supplies maximum current at an increasing voltage level to attain a nearly full charge. Stage 2 is called Absorption (or Acceptance). At this stage voltage is held at a preset maximum level while current slowly tapers off until the battery is 99% charged. Stage 3 is called Float. After a battery is fully charged it requires a lower voltage to maintain its charge while waiting to be used.

All products include the following:


  • Uninterruptible power source
  • Fully automatic DC-AC inverter is incorporated with battery charger
  • Low interference, high efficiency
  • Suitable for industrial and household uses
  • High surge power to start difficult loads such as heavy-duty power tools, motor and pumps
  • Compact and convenient mounting
  • Universal outlet for different AC plugs

UPS Inverter/Charger 600W

UPS Inverter/Charger 1000W

UPS Inverter/Charger 1500W

UPS Inverter/Charger 2000W