Would like to know would the Accumate charge a 12v 64amp Battery?

The Accumate 6/12 is a 1.2A charger the Accumate PRO is a 6A charger. They can both do the job, it depends on how long can you wait ( how fast you need to charge). The formula for working out how long a charger will take to recharge a battery from 100% flat state is. The batteries Amp Hours x 0.7 devided by the chargers charging current in amps. e.g. using your figures – 64ah battery x 0.7 = 44.8 devided by (AM6/12 charging current of 1.2 = 37.33 hours.If you use the AM PRO 6A then = 64 x 0.7 devided by 6 = 7.46 hours. Remember this is to charge up a 100% flat battery. The AccuMate 6/12V or the AccuMate Pro 6A can both charge a 64ah battery. If you are looking to recharge flat batteries then the Accumate PRO 6A is the better.If you are wanting to maintain your 64ah battery the smaller Accumate 6/12V will certainly do the job. If you let us have some more information on your exact application we could advise further.

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